Level Up with our choice-based STEAM Labs for Schools.

A fresh approach to STEAM education, FUSE is hands-on, choice-based learning, backed by research from one of America's top universities. And most important? FUSE is driven by your students' interests.

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FUSE transforms classrooms into STEAM learning studios.

Interest Development

Through FUSE, students discover new interests, learn from and with each other, and develop autonomy as learners.

Nationwide network of schools

By choosing FUSE, you’ll join an international network of schools that value creative, innovative, and equitable STEAM education.

A New Learning Experience

Student Choose Challenges

Choose your Own Path

Robotics, jewelry design, coding, architecture, music production! In FUSE, students choose what to work on and set the pace. This means they emerge engaged, excited, and eager for more.

Students Level Up

Leveling Up

Our STEAM Challenges are designed to get harder as students progress. FUSE teaches students how to use real world technologies while exploring topics they already love. Since our Challenges are designed around student interests, there is something for everyone to get excited about.

Students Develop Expertise

Empowered Experts

As students learn, they naturally share their new discoveries. A new culture of learning emerges as students celebrate each other's successes and overcome any setbacks along the way.

Teacher Facilitating FUSE

Facilitate Discovery

Across the country, FUSE is facilitated by STEM teachers, science instructors, technology coordinators, librarians, and art teachers. With our in-depth training and live support, you’ll be equipped to cultivate an environment of student growth and discovery.

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