Students working on Smart Castle challenge

What is a Challenge?

Each FUSE challenge is based on a STEAM topic and designed to appeal to students’ personal, non-STEAM interests.

Challenges are carefully designed educational activities composed of levels of increasing difficulty. The level structure of our Challenges allow for personalized learning: the early levels hook students and provide early success, while more advanced tasks in later levels build confidence and ability.

Over 30 Design, Engineering & Coding Challenges

Facilitator Challenge Selection interface

Teachers choose which Challenges to make available.

Our STEAM Challenges have something for everyone. Students work in flexible groupings, and can switch Challenges at any time.

Image of Challenge Selection interface for students

Students choose from the Challenges, and work at their own pace.

Challenges Designed for Every Interest

Play the short video trailers to get an overview of our Challenges. Most schools select our Innovate package, which offers over 30 Challenges, over 20 custom kits, 3D printers, and a vinyl cutter.

Digital Challenges

We have eight browser-based digital Challenges, covering coding, animation, 3D art, and architecture.

Game Designer

Design your own multi-level platformer and a custom hero to star in it.

Beats Builder

Produce your own music with professional audio mixing software.

Tangible Challenges

Ten engaging Challenges explore electronics, solar and wind power, and rollercoasters.

LED Color Lights

Combine and control three LEDs to produce a rainbow of different colors.

Coaster Boss

Can you build the fastest Roller Coaster in FUSE?

3D Printing Challenges

We offer six different 3D Printing design Challenges. Design in a browser and then transfer to a desktop computer for 3D printing.

Design and print unique cookie cutters and make awesome cookies.

Design your own model car and print it out in 3D.

Hybrid Challenges

Nine hybrid Challenges connect Making & Digital skills using Arduino and Makey Makeys.

Flexible across Platforms & Devices

Mac compatible
Chromebook compatible laptop compatible desktop compatible