Challenges are the heart of our STEAM program.

Try one of our favorites: Sculpty Pet.

Sculpty Pet is our idea of a perfect STEAM Challenge. Accessible and engaging for students at a wide range of levels, this Challenge encourages creativity and choice from the very first step. It introduces 3D modeling, rendering, and the technical specifics of working in a space with three axes in a fun and friendly way.

Persistence through this Challenge provides transferable knowledge to a more complex Challenge like MiniMe, in which users build animations in the professional-level 3D design software Blender.

Let's Start the Challenge

Sculpty Pet Cat

Sculpty Pet Level 1
Sculpt a cartoon animal out of virtual clay.

Open a new browser window and go to

1| Make your animal's head and ears. Click to Play Video

2| Save your model. This program does not auto save! Click to Play Video

3| Add eyes, nose and mouth. Click to Play Video

4| Paint your animal. Click to Play Video

5. Save your model as an .sgl file so you can use it for level 2. Click to Play Video

This is fun! I want to do more

rendering of sculpty pet in dog house

To access more levels of Sculpty Pet, reach out to us about bringing FUSE to your school.

Sculpty Pet has five levels:

  1. Sculpt a cartoon animal out of virtual clay.
  2. Sculpt a body for your pet and add a background to your scene.
  3. Build a home for your pet with accessories and a place to sleep!
  4. Make a buddy for your pet.
  5. Design a way for your pet to get around.

What does the Teacher see?

illustration of facilitator supporting students

During the FUSE class period, the facilitator circulates through the classroom, supporting students and celebrating successes along the way!

Innovative Facilitation Tools

facilitator challenge selection


The facilitator side of the FUSE website includes an online Facilitator Toolkit so that facilitators can manage Challenges and track student progress. Facilitators also have immediate access to FUSE support resources. Facilitators manage FUSE Challenges through the Toolkit. Facilitators choose which Challenges to make available to different classes or different grades.

choosing a challenge

Challenge Exploration

Students work at their own pace, on Challenges of their choice. As they experiment and browse across the diverse suite of Challenges, students develop new STEAM interests. Students may work sequentially on the levels of a Challenge, or they may pause their work on a Challenge and return to it later on. Students can even develop their own projects inspired by the FUSE Challenges. The facilitator can review student progress within FUSE Challenges in real time.

student portfolio

FUSE Portolio

Student progress creates a portfolio of work in FUSE, which travels with students across grades and even across schools.The portfolio includes both documentation (videos and still images) and technical artifacts. The facilitator can view a student’s complete portfolio at any time.

classroom as fuse studio

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