tudents working on Just Bead It Challenge

Launch your FUSE STEAM Studio

Getting started is easy! We are here to help.

Many partners choose FUSE for a new STEAM Studio or STEM Lab. Others rely on FUSE to provide structure to a school makerspace, or to complement other STEM curricula.

FUSE is designed for students in grades 4-12, with most partners implementing in grades 5-8. More than 250 schools across the country have launched FUSE: public and private, urban and rural, elementary through high school.

Design your Implementation

FUSE is available in three Packages with up to 33 custom Challenges.

Packages include kits, technical support for teachers, and, at the Innovate and Create level, 3D printers and vinyl cutters.

We help you build a successful implementation plan.

Most of our partners are schools, offering FUSE as a class that meets regularly.

We train you to facilitate FUSE.

Training and ongoing support are provided at all levels of partnership.

Build your FUSE Team


Teachers play a different role in FUSE! Instead of being the sole expert in the room, you’ll support your students as they make their own discoveries and develop individual expertise.

You don’t need to be a STEM expert to run a FUSE Studio. While we have partnered with science and STEM teachers, we also work with educators from a variety of backgrounds, including art teachers, librarians, and grade level instructors.

Our training addresses all aspects of this new approach to instruction. Once you are trained as a FUSE facilitator, we offer continuing support via video calls, email, a Slack channel and knowledge base.

Confirm Technology & Space Resources

diagram of FUSE classroom with desks, storage, and technology

FUSE will work in most classrooms and with most school technology plans.

Our program has been implemented in converted computer labs, science labs, libraries, and traditional classrooms. Wherever FUSE is located, we suggest set-ups that encourage collaboration and freedom of movement within the room.

You can find our detailed tech and space requirements in our Launch Guide!

Pricing & Funding FUSE

The Innovate package—33 Challenges, Kits, 3D Printers and a vinyl cutter—is our standard package for schools.

The pricing sheet below provides details about each package. Startup costs include training and all equipment and hardware that you will use throughout your FUSE implementation.

The annual renewal fee includes a resupply credit to keep your studio stocked, as well as access to new challenges as they are released.

FUSE is a not-for-profit program within the context of a University-based research project. FUSE receives funding from federal and private foundation grants; licensing fees help support ongoing program development and operations.

PACKAGE DETAILS Discover Create Innovate
# of Challenges 12 27 33
All Kits and Hardware for included Challenges
Facilitator Training
Facilitator Support
3D Printers
Startup Cost $7,000 $17,500 $20,000
Annual Renewal $2,500 $5,000 $6,000